EZY 6266–Autopoetik
Audio cassette design. An experimental musical project. Born of drone produced by airplanes and other sonic phenomena associated with air travel, EZY6266 is an amalgam of field recordings captured in the course of several flights which are rendered into an amorphous collage of sonic fantasies. METEORISMO is Prague based Czech-Finnish microlabel, focused on eclectic and strange music.

Recorded 2016–2019, mixed & mastered by Martin Lauer.
Graphic design by Anastasia Vrublevská / ATYP.
Released on Meteorismo in July 2019 as a digital album and professionally duplicated limited-edition cassette.

Video teaser "EZY6266: Ascent" by Elina Osipova (Eli Anders): youtu.be/1XiZ3tvZYyU

Photography Martin Lauer.
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