Wolfram Höll
Drei Sind Wir
(My jsme tři)

Book design of the Czech translation of drama piece by rising star of contemporary theatre, Wolfram Höll.
The book is situated in Canada, but the leaf on the cover is not a maple leaf. It is a birch leaf I found on a stroll, while I was thinking about the book cover. I saw it and was instantly reminded of chromosomes, so I decided to use it. I liked that misconception, that one can get, thinking that it is a maple leaf actually, just because of combining it with the red color and Canadas' crest. The text is very specific. Five different roles, each of them on separated tabulator indentation, so the text almost evokes a notation of some kind. Therefore the typography plays with it, being "pushed off the edges" of the formate. This also can represent very pressing theme of the text: a year in life of a child born with trisomy, which ends with its death. 
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