Cultivating Prague​​​​​​​
In recent years, Prague has been plagued by visual smog: flashy advertising, which is particularly ubiquitous in the city centre. And yet advertising does not have to be annoying and tasteless — a beautiful shop window or a company sign may increase the value of a location. The manual Cultivating Prague (“Manual pro kultivovanou Prahu") explains the rules for sophisticated advertising and shows examples of good practice.
Client: Prague City Hall
Type of work: brochure, landing page, Designblok 2020 exterior installation
Illustrations: Anastasia Vrublevska
Design: Anastasia Vrublevska, Milos Homola
Web development: Jakub Homola
01.   The Brochure
•   More than 40 original isometric vector illustrations
•   Over 80 photographs on 82 pages
•   Czech, English, Russian and Vietnamese language versions
•   Colours and typography (Myriad Pro) based on the visual identity of the City Of Prague
02.   The Landing Page
The responsive landing page provides all the necessary information about the manual. It also contains some additional and inspirational information about good and bad practices in Prague’s public space, plus a vision for a better future. Of course, the webpage includes a digital version of the manual available for download.
03.   Designblok 2020
We designed the promotional exterior installation as an interactive playground. Visitors were able to project their shops and services with prearranged elements or draw their business on a blackboard. We also designed several 3D elements used on the panel which presented examples of good and bad practices: a menu box, a bistro sign, or a flashing “open” sign.
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